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As Australia’s largest independent provider of managed telecommunications solutions,

we create customised solutions for corporate and government clients,

saving you money, increasing the effectiveness of your telco spend,

and helping you regain control of your telecommunications.

what sets us apart?


In 2015, a strategic merger between Visybill Pty Ltd and Mantel Solutions Pty Ltd took place to form Telco Management Pty Ltd.

With each previous company having over 15 years experience in telecommunications management, the merger allowed Telco Management to become uniquely placed in the telecommunications industry as the largest, vendor independent provider of telecommunications management solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Our shared strategic strengths, combined with an Australia wide presence and unmatched industry expertise will allow us to provide you with unique solutions to all your telecommunications needs, no matter how complex.

Catering to both the corporate and government sectors, our service, attention to detail, knowledge and expert guidance have enabled us to become the trusted name in telecommunications management, behind the names you know and trust.

Discover our difference, simply get in touch today to discover how we can create a customised solution to fit your telecommunication needs.

Customised Solutions and Service

We recognise that each case is different, that the needs of your organisation are unique. We use our considerable experience in the telecommunications industry to create a fully customised solution to fit your needs, ensuring you’re getting the most from your telco spend.

Industry Expertise

Our directors bring decades of industry experience, allowing your organisation to tap into networks and vendor relationships that have been nurtured through years of work. You’ll benefit from our industry experience and expertise and get the best outcome possible for your telcommunication management needs.

Attention to Detail

We provide you with accurate, timely and relevant data to aid your decision making when it relates to your organisations communications. This ensures we’re focused on those things that best help you control your telco spend, so you can focus on the core activities most important to your organisation.

peace of mind

With the ability and expertise to provide a full-service desk for your organisation, we can act as the single point of contact for all your phone and data needs. We’ll take the hassle out of dealing with unwieldy systems and inefficient vendors and give you peace of mind in the process.

we’re the trusted name

behind names you know & trust 

Our commitment to service, industry expertise and the true effectiveness of our solutions have allowed us to become the trusted name in telecommunications, used by many household names that you know and trust.

REAL world Case Studies

We’ve helped hundreds of clients, and helped thousands of their employees in the field through our customised telecommunications solutions.

Read some of the real solutions we’ve provided to clients who came to us with their needs.

If you would like to learn how we can help you save money, increase efficiency and effectiveness of your telco spend, and regain control of your telecommunications, simply

Case Study 1 - An Organisation new to Telecommunications Efficiency Management

A large corporate had no prior experience using telecommunications efficiency management to control their spend

Case Study 4 - A strategic merger brings new challenges to telco systems

Two organisations recently merged, creating a need to bring existing telco systems and contracts into alignment with minimum disruption 

Case Study 2 - Communications out of Control & Needed to be Streamlined

A multi division client was having problems with controlling procurement, vendor issues and lack of accountability.

Case Study 5 - Accountability and Visibility Required for Corporate HQ

A large corporate client needed visibility of spend, device and cost centre management, and personal accountability for staff.

Case Study 3 - A Government Department required Transparency & Governance

We were approached to aid a department in creating visibility of spend, accountability and governance in telco spend

Case Study 6 - Systems and expert guidance needed urgently

A client suddenly found themselves separated from their corporate organisation and immediately lost their systems and support

What our customers say

Our success helps you to focus on your core operations, boost your telecommunications efficiency and effectiveness, 

and create significant savings on your net phone and data spend per annum.

“We commenced using Telco Management (Mantel) in 2008, and continue to do so today. We have saved over $2 million per annum…”


$4B+ Outsourced Engineering, Construction, Property Services & Asset Management Company

“We would not have been able to achieve this transition without the assistance and expertise of Bjorn and the team at Telco Management, who were very professional, flexible, and demonstrated a real sense of urgency when things needed attention.”

IT Country Lead | Global Pharmaceutical Company - ANZ Operations

“Telco Management is an old fashioned company, customer focused, honest and trustworthy. Their key account team has an intimate knowledge of our telecommunications. It is not a consultancy that is all spin and does not deliver.”

Procurement Manager |

$4B+ Outsourced Engineering, Construction, Property Services & Asset Management Company

“It is worth the effort to find systems that give you more robust data because it allows you to get larger savings. We keep finding issues through analysis of the bills that lead to more cost savings.”

CFO | $3B+ Media Diversified Company

take action today

Many of our clients experience savings of up to 60% on their total telco spend in their first year alone.

Find out how using a Telecoms Efficiency Management (TEMS) model can get your telecommunications working more effectively and efficiently today,and possibly halve your telco spend in the process.

Simply call us or complete the form below, and we’ll guide you through the next steps.

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Australia’s leading Independent provider of telecommunications management services.

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