For over 20 years we’ve helped Corporations and Government Departments in Australia and New Zealand manage and reduce their telecommunication costs.

As Australia’s leading Independent provider of Telecommunications Management Services we know we’ll be able to create a Custom Solution to meet your specific needs.

Our services cater to your telco needs

Whatever your telecommunications challenges, we’re able to provide a custom solution to your needs.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

new to tem

If your organisation is new to the Telecom Expense Management process, we can guide you to new beginnings in TEMS services hassle free.

governancy & transparency

Many of our clients from government and local council organisations need full governance and transparency of telco spend to meet regulations. We’re happy to help.

technology upgrade

We’re approached by clients wanting to get out of the dark ages of communications and upgrade their telco systems. We manage the complexities of changing from a paper to digital system, and provide extensive analytics and benefits when doing so.

needing telco systems

Occasionally a client finds themselves separated from their corporate, and lose their systems and support with little warning. We’re the ones they turn to for guidance and support, allowing them to get new systems and procedures in place as quickly as possible.

needing control

We’re approached by many large corporate organisations in acquisition mode, looking for more control over their telco assets, systems and procedures.

accountability & Visibility of spend

We help both corporate and government clients create visibility of spend, device management, cost centre management and personal accountability for staff. See how we can help you.

in house services

When managing telecommunications in house becomes unwieldy and takes time and focus away from core activities, we’re the company many turn to to manage their transition to an externally managed telco solution, and the expertise this brings.

merger partners

When organisations merge, there’s a need to bring two distinct and separate systems together to integrate smoothly and effectively, with a minimal disruption to daily activities. We’re often called to manage complex activities with ease and effectiveness.

we’ll help you gain control of your telecommunications, 

& save you up to 40% 

in the first year alone

Australia’s leading Independent provider of telecommunications management services.

Telco Management


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